Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hooping OnQ! And a big THANK YOU

Hey Hoopers! Don't forget! Steel City Hoop Union will be on WQED tonight as a featured segment (for real this time!)! So grab your hoop and remote and tune in 'round 7:30pm!

Steel City Hoop Union wants to give a HUGE hOOpin' holler to all of you who came and hooped it up for Haiti on Tuesday! Special thanks to everyone who brought food and all those gorgeous silent auction items. And thanks to Gwen for the Zumba lesson, too! We raised $429 for Brother's Brother Foundation to go toward Haiti earthquake relief. O, and HOW FUN WAS THAT?!

And yes! We're hooping next Tuesday, and every Tuesday, at 6:30 pm at the Union Project. Remember you can keep track of us on facebook and on blogspot -- just google "Steel City Hoop Union" and you'll find us!

(wow, I got a little carried away with the !!! there)

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